The Ultimate Prague Airport Transfer Guide

Getting to and from Prague has never been easier as there are quite a few ways to find your way to the city. The cheapest option will cost you just 1.2 € while the most expensive can be ten times that. Here are the best Prague airport transfer options for the three main groups of travelers: budget travelers, travelers with a decent travel budget, and those for whom money was never an issue.

For budget travelers

The cheapest option is to catch the airport shuttle. The bus will take you from the airport to the city’s metro, from where you can get to any place in Prague. The one-way ticket costs just 1.2 €. However, once you get to the metro, you need to buy a ticket there as well. So, the overall cost will be more than 1.2 €, but it is still the cheapest mean of transport. Two bus lines can get you to the metro: the 119 bus line and the 100 bus line. Very often, the bus is packed with people and passengers need to take care of their luggage on their own.

For the average traveler with a decent budget

Airport taxi and services like welcome pickups are the next best thing. Airport taxis will charge you whatever the meter shows and often may ask you extra for the luggage. Welcome pickup offers pickup by an experienced English speaking driver, fixed rate, and 24/7 support.

When money is not an issue

Everything already said is available. Apart from that, renting a high-end limo with a dedicated driver, renting a car, or even if you are rolling on money, you can also rent a chopper to get you to the city.